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In our modern wellness area we have an infrared and salt therapy sauna, a steam room, a well water jettison, a hydromassage pool (jacuzzi), an indoor swimming pool, a masseur, a beautician and a personal trainer waiting for our guests!

Wellness services, of course, are not only available for hotel guests, but also for members of the club who has a season ticket , students, and guests who come only for the wellness. You can buy your tickets and tickets at the best price in our sport recipe! When using multiple services at the same time, we offer a special discount for group leases. Changing rooms and wardrobe rentals are free of charge …



  • Massage service (only by booking!): We ask our guests to book massage service at the time when they reserve their rooms , by telephone or by email at the above contacts!
  • Wellness Party: The spa provides a shared, great experience for  friends, making it an excellent solution for birthdays, bachelor parties or even as a team building training program. It can be organized privately, with extended opening hours, with a “number of participants” discounted pricing option. Suggested number of participants: max. 30 people.
  • Aquatic Tournament Schedules: Tuesday and Thursday (by booking)
  • Sign in, book: +3630 493 7036, +3672 782 870;
  • Opening hours: Monday – Sunday: 08:00 to 21:30

Wellness  services, daily ticket and season ticket rates

Daily & season ticketsHUF
Daily ticket3 000
Senior/Student daily ticket (w/student ID card) 2 400
3 occasions ticket8 550
6 occasions ticket16 200
10 occasions ticket25 500
Afternoon ticket2 400
Senior/Student afternoon ticket (w/student ID card) 1 920
3 occasions ticket
6 840
6 occasions ticket -10%12 960
10 occasions ticket -15%20 400
Solarium (1 chip = 5 minutes)500
Solarium 10 occasions ticket 4 500
Group ticket-10%
Swedish massage30'5 000
Aroma massage5 000
Sport cream – oiled massage6 000
Refreshing foot & sole massage6 000
Actual massage offer6 000
Swedish massage50'7 000
Aroma massage7 000
Sport cream – oiled massage8 500
Paprika creamed treatment9 000
Hyaluronic acid és collagen / skin renewal
9 000
Chocolate creamed massage9 000
Wine creamed body massage7 500
Actual massage offer7 500
Refreshing body and sole massage80'11 500
Chocolate treatment with exfoliating13 500
Hyaluronic acid és collagen / skin renewal
13 500


  • Valid: 2016.01.01. Until revocation
  • Gross prices, VAT included
  • Sauna towels or towels are provided free of charge
  • Free use of locker room (deposit 1000 HUF / use)
  • Water temperature: 25-30 C * (heating can be requested at some cost  48 hours before)

Our wellness section services:

Swimming pool

A water-filled indoor 6.0 m x 12.4m x 0.90-1.30 m heated swimming pool offers a pleasant experience all year. The 26-31 ° C water temperature is suitable for regeneration and sporting after heat treatment also.

Finnish and Himalayan salt-brick sauna

Traditional 8-person 90C ° Finnish sauna and 80 C ° Himalayan salt-brick sauna, which can be accessed from the pool place, alternately or on request simultaneously (one always switched the other is on depending on the amount of guests!)


An infrared radiation 4-person sauna is available. The healing effect of the Sebastian type infrared sauna is medically proven!

Steam Room / Steam Room

Arched designed 8-person glass mosaic multifunctional steam chamber with tempered granite seat. Temperature can be set individually. Steam and salt plays a role in the healing of asthma, allergic diseases, while it perfectly relaxes the body and stimulates the skin’s blood supply. When using the modern steam room, the beneficial effect of inhalation is associated with a very pleasant, relaxing experience and when for someone the sauna is too hot, can relax in the steam bath’s mist clouds. Sweating is guaranteed, with high humidity (about 90-95%).

Shower Temple

Made by “Hansgrohe”, a high-pressure adjustable spray water-jet, provides a hydromassage experience.

Cold plunge

Tiled tub with cold well water flow, depth 120 cm. After sauna, you can train your blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation and therefore provide a beneficial physiological effect and a pleasant feeling.

Hydromassage Jacuzzi (Jacuzzi)

Acrylic covered 7 person sitting tub with adjustable heating, two pumps, 50 nozzles and ozone blower. In addition to the pleasant relaxation effect, the problematic body parts are massageg by water jets, and the combined effect of water and oxygen improves blood circulation.


Acquiring a healthy body color, restoring mental balance during the winter period is particularly necessary. Supplementation of vitamin D plays a role in strengthening the immune system. It is useful in the treatment of allergic skin problems and in prevention of colds.

Kneipp treadmill

The dynamic version of the foot bath.In the 1.5×1.0-sized, 0.30m deep water pool, the cold well water is exchanging continuously. In the water there are rounded pebbles to walk on and strengthen the sole’s blood circulation and also result in a pleasant foot massage.

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