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Our GIGI cosmetic salon offers a variety of regenerative and skin rejuvenating treatments, facial and décolletage massage, and makeup consultancy …

Hotel Makár Pécs, Gigi kozmetika

GIGI cosmetic treatment

GIGI beauty salon, product line, treatments

Based on reliable, natural ingredients, you can get a beautiful, well-groomed look and eliminate aesthetic defects in your skin.The GIGI Cosmetics can only be bought in cosmetics due to their extremely high content of active ingredients. Prerequisites for their use are thorough skin diagnosis by a professional cosmetican. This way, the skin condition is maintained. In the world, GIGI was the first company to provide the best soaps for every skin type with the optimal pH rate the so-called Soapless Soap (alkali-free soap). A general but very important feature of GIGI cosmetics is that every “day product”, even special make-ups, contains a UV filter.



Cosmetic price list-2021

Opening hours:

  • Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 10.00 – 18.00
  • Wednesday: 9.00 – 17.00
  • Saturday: by prior appointment!
  • Sunday, Monday: closed


Réka Barcsák cosmetician, make-up artist, ear piercing-er +3630 897 5050

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