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Publisher: Makár Investment Holding Zrt. (Registration: Tribunal Court of Pécs, Cg. 02-10-060400)

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Data registration number (NAIH): 57308/2012

Makár Investment Holding Zrt.

Management board:

  • Executive Officers: Béla Laczkó, Gyula Sebestyén
  • Members of the Board of Directors: dr. Arany Imre, dr. Gábor Rekettye
  • Legal Adviser: dr. Miklós Szentpéteri

Hotel Makár Sport & Wellness

About Us

Previous operator – Harász Fenyvesi Ltd. (VAT number: 11362128-2-02) 20.03.2014. he finished his activity day. Makár Investment Holding Zrt. Was founded on 21.03.2014. The primary task of the company is the successful operation of the hotel and leisure center together. In addition to this, you will find a number of additional activities that are included in the Company certificate of incorporation!

  • Company certificate of incorporation (pdf) Microsec, made on: 05/07/2018 (Registered by the Court of Registration of the Pécs Court of Registration Date of registration: 20/03/2014 Published on: 10/04/2014)
  • Dematerialized bond stock: KELER

Company name: Makár Investment Holding Zrt.
Business form: Private Limited Company (registered on 21.03.2014)
Headquarters: 7635. Pécs, Középmakár dűlő 4.
Company Registration Number: 02-10-060400
Tax number: 24862305-2-02
Bank account number: Dél-Takarék 50800104-11085458-00000000
Interbank cash flow:

  • IBAN HU36 50800104-11085458

Makár Tanya Sports Association (MTSC)

His primary task is to organize sports camps and educating children in sports

Our History (Wikipédia)

Hotel Makár Sport & Wellness near the clinic of the University of Pécs at the southern foot of the Makár Hill at the former Episcopal Winery was established in the early 1990s. His name was given by John Major Makar, who won a significant merit in the liberation of Pécs from the 1686th anniversary of his Turkish liberation. The architectural plans of the 2.1 hectare plot were originally created by the author of the Makár Tanya Sports Center, Sándor Dévényi – Kossuth and Ybl award-winning architects.

The center has hosted several major national and international sports events. Among them is the ATP “Westel Challenger” and WTA “Thorn Open” international tennis competition. The center was located in the 2012 and 2013 European and Hungarian National Racketlon Championships. Tennis Europe and the Hungarian Tennis Association organized the “Head Winter Cup” international junior tennis tournament with eight to eight countries in the winter of 2012 and 2014. In the year 1997, here was make an episode of the film series: The Kisváros

Our Mission

The core of our business philosophy is to be an active shaping of the social environment besides our economic activities. We are always able to help people who are in difficult circumstances, especially children and non-smokers. Since 1997, we have been sponsoring the “Charitable group of Women in Pécs” I Have No Lunch program the poor children. With our tangible and material resources, we help many students’ local governments of the University of Pécs, including the practical sports training of PE students. In order to ensure the supply of tourism and hospitality, we support a number of vocational training institutes, such as the vocational training of students at the “Budai Városkapu” School in Pécs. We believe that the multicultural tourism services we provide are proportionate and worthwhile to contribute to the economic and social development of Hungary through the city of Pécs …

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